We are [VGN], the Vengeance Gaming Nation - a bunch of friends that met each other on the internet and now play games together.

VGN started off as a small UK-based Team Fortress 2 clan back in early 2008, founded by Tempest and Dr_Zaius. Over the years it grew into a massive community with over 100 members. Now we play all kinds of games, and share various interests. Sometimes we even organise meets, to have a laugh together, face to face. Everyone is equal in our ranks, and the activities of the community depend on the members' contribution.

We're always looking for new friendly faces to hang out with. If you find yourself bored of playing games on your own, want some good people to talk to in the evenings, and have a laugh together, be sure to pop over to the recruitment page and see how to join us.

Our usual evenings consist of casual banter on mumble and playing games together. Some of us run pen and paper RPG campaigns online, which can be loads of fun and leave hilarious stories afterwards. On the forums we're discussing anything from latest manga releases to recipes for our favourite lasagna. And best of all, we host great joyous events for everyone to join. Sometimes even prizes are involved!